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The Chinese word "致雨" comes from the Chinese phrase "clouds rise to rain" in the Thousand Character Classic, which translates as "water vapour rising to become raindrops". It implies a beautiful vision of nourishing all living things and nurturing green mountains and clear waters.

The Hong Kong Sprinkles Charity Foundation

The Sprinkles (HK) Charity Foundation is a non-profit foundation initiated in Hong Kong by Dr. Ma Jun, Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association, alongside other dedicated philanthropists. The foundation commits itself to advancing research, promoting concepts, enhancing capabilities, and fostering international cooperation in the realms of green development, environmental protection, education, climate action, and biodiversity conservation.

Over the years, the foundation has consistently organized the "Spring Sunrise" Children’s Environmental Writing and Drawing Competition annually, attracting participation from more than 1,600 students in Hong Kong and over 5,000 from mainland China. Additionally, it supports a series of public forums and training events on sustainable education, green development, and green technology, in collaboration with UNESCO HKA and Hong Kong government agencies.

Since 2024, as the Secretariat for Capacity Building Alliance for Sustainable Investment (CASI), which comprises 50 global member organizations, the foundation has spearheaded a series of green finance capacity-building activities for developing nations in Latin America and Asia, benefiting over a thousand participants. The Sprinkles (HK) Charity Foundation is recognized as a charitable organization exempt from tax under Article 88 of the Hong Kong Tax Ordinance.